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One Weekend, One House, One Crazy Idea

So, we had this crazy idea about having a different kind of planner meetup. We wanted to take all of the things we love about the larger, more conference-style meet-ups and merge those with the things we felt could only be a part of a much more intimate gathering. We realized we were looking for a planner retreat; and that's exactly what PlanCamp is!

We took this brain child of ours and wrapped it in tons of ideas for fun activities, outside excursions, delicious food and drinks plus a chance to get creative in our planners! We wanted our campers to actually have time to pull out their planners, their sticker stash, share ideas, swap supplies, fawn over layouts and ultimately find inspiration. We knew that if we intentionally kept our retreat small and had the whole group slumber together in one spot, then it would inevitably lead to long lasting friendships and memories that could never be replaced!

You know when you're put in a house with 28 other ladies, the level of fun and creativity knows no end!

When it comes to competitive and cooperative spirits - this group had it in spades! We put out a challenge before PlanCamp even began that roommates should come up with a way to decorate their "campsite" and the decorations would be judged at the end of the opening evening! I don't think we could have ever imagined the level of planning and creative thought that each group put into their "door wars" designs! Just take a look at these beautiful masterpieces - we were just glad we weren't the judges!

It's the fun pieces of this weekend that were put together to give each camper an experience like none other and to give each camper the chance to be their true self in a group of women without judgment and without expectations! As women, it's often very difficult to find a time when we can throw off all the things that are required of us and just be who we are! This is what PlanCamp is all about - providing a refuge for us to let out exactly who we are meant to be!

Let's face it, we all need a weekend to let loose, have some fun and laugh with our planner besties! Oh, did we forget to mention, that during PlanCamp you will meet the most amazing group of women who will, without a doubt, become your besties for life! After all, at the end of three crazy nights there isn't much that we haven't seen or done as a group - and that will bond you to your fellow planner girl unlike any sticker, washi tape or conference speaker ever can!

PlanCamp 2018 Group (photo credit: Mitch)

This is the group - 29 super fabulous ladies - all waiting patiently for Mitch to "frame us up" for our end of the weekend photo! We think this photo just about sums up our event - it was fun and funny all at the same time - with a little bit of drama thrown in for good measure (c'mon, it's 29 women all in one house)!

We are thrilled to be the hosts of PlanCamp and we can't wait to do it all again with our group of campers in 2019 in sunny Orlando, FL!! We hope to see your smiling face in those photos!

with love, Jess, Felicia & Vicki

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